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S Series Easy Fit Stl Download3

S Series Easy Fit Stl Download



The all new highly anticipated S Series Easy Fit Stl Download



Our recommended print settings are :
–     0.2mm layer height,
–     15% infill,
–     50mm/s print speed.

The “Frame Universal Supports” can be printed at 0.3mm layer height, 15% infill if desired as well as the “Y Motor A & B” sections.



Duplicate Print List:

–     X Axis A & B will need to be flipped/mirrored for a duplicate print or **UPDATE** X Axis RH x 1 & **UPDATE** X Axis LH x 1

–     Z Bearing Holder x 2

–     Z Rod support x 4

–     Universal support x 4 or **UPDATE** Support x 2 & Universal support x 2

–     Extruder fan/belt x 2

–     Belt tensioner x 3

–     Y Drive Rod Mounting x 2

–     Frame foot x 4

–     50mm Trim x 8 (You will need to manually cut lip away where butts against rod support.)




X Axis A & B and extruder mount require Igus RJM-01-08 (Available in shop)


As you will notice there is a small charge for the new and improved parts, this is to assist in the continued development of the Printtable to bring an attractive low cost, large format printer to the market. It is for this reason that we ask, you do not distribute files to enable the product to continually move forward. The files are provided on an as is basis and Printtable Ltd except no liability for their use. Images are representative, upon purchase you will receive 20 downloadable stl files. We advise you open an account if you do not already have one however once your order is complete you will be directed to your “Order Details” where you can click on the file names to download. Should there be any issues during download please do not hesitate to contact us at


As a small thanks to our supporters, those who have previously purchased a printed parts set, please email to received your code to download the S Series Easy Fit Stl download for free.


We’d like to thank everyone for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing your printtable [#myprinttable]

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